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  1. I would also like to know, if the calculator is additional to or instead of conventional budgeting and accounting methods to ensure one’s prices are true. I think true price entails sellers being clear what they need to cover (perhaps using this calculator), with buyers simply paying it, and then ensuring their own revenue streams cover what they need in turn.

    1. It is additional, since to my knowledge there is no such calculation done today. Today, products are produced if there is a sufficiently high margin of gain to be expected from the market price of peer products and the cost of production.

      This calculator shall be a fun and hands-on experience to get in touch with a different set of thinking about economics. The teachings of fundamental economic thinking by Rudolf Steiner are full of ‚different‘ views to mainstream economics. People interested in outside-the-box economics, this is the series of lectures you would want to study.

      Regarding the second part of your question, right prices should not be imposed by force. Consumers will ultimately valuate the product. The right price can mainly serve as a reference point to help identify issues (to be addressed) in the economic process. Right prices may also serve as a point of orientation for the consumer directly by indicating what ’should be paid‘.

    1. Yes, I use it equally.

      ‚True price‘ may be more common than ‚right price‘.

      First, I’m not a native English speaker, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
      However, I’m a native German speaker with quite some time of English speaking experience. I feel that ‚right‘ portrays better the notion of ‚would be the right/correct price to pay, IF e.g. market forces (demand & supply) had no effect on the price‘.
      Market forces will always and ultimately determine the actual price (paid). In my ears, ‚true‘ carries the notion of real/actual, which would contradict the existence of market forces.

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