We all know the feeling that a given price for a product or service is sometimes excessively high or too cheap. However, the dominant school of thought is that whatever price is paid is fine. Nevertheless, prices can be too high or too cheap: When no necessary profits can be generated from the prices – or when someone earns a fortune without doing much.

The Right Price is a reference value, so to speak the 0 point on a thermometer. It indicates whether a price is too high or too low. If we pay a price that roughly corresponds to the Right Price, the seller can make a sustainable living – and is not overpaid like stupid.

Right Prices would therefore also be healthy prices. When prices for certain goods or services become too high or too low, there should be investigations into its causes – and corrections taken accordingly. It can not be in the interest of anyone to let impoverish industrious people or stuff them with money for no equivalent economic value in return.